Sri Yantra
See Below for Explanation

This yantra is patterned after the traditional Sri Yantra constructs and is considered to be the most auspicious of meditative yantras because it encapsulates the entire universe in a single geometric visualization.

YANTRAM comes with an entire library of images dedicated to the Sri Yantra in different colors.

Several Sri Yantras were selected and repetitively drawn on the canvas. While holding down the "Alt" key and the mouse button simultaneous the Sri Yantra pattern grew larger and larger. But as it grew larger it painted on top of the smaller Sri Yantra image thus creating the three dimensional effect. This was accomplished using the Symmetry Studio with the symmetry value set to 1 and rotation set to "rotation off."

The lotus flowers were made with the Symmetry Studio and show symmetries of 8 and 16.

The three concentric circles were made with the Polygon Studio with the "sides" value set to 108. A polygon with this may sides appears as a circle. (Note: higher side values would make an even more smooth circle.)

The outer square pattern, sometimes referred to as the "gates", represent the four cardinal directions. They were made using the Maze Studio. It was made in three passes. One for each of the colors.

The background was a 2000 point star made using the Star Maker Studio. I don't remember what the "Stellar" value was set to, but I think is was set to something like 750. The brush size was set to a very small value... something like 4.

Finally, the background was cropped and the outside was set to pure white using Photoshop.

Total creation time: 24 minutes