Having driven a '95 4Runner up and down the rocky canyons and alluvial plans of Death Valley and the Mojave for a decade and more I'm looking forward to crawling the desert in a three motor, long range Cybertruck... but I want this mod. The uninterrupted space extending from the driver's seat all the way to the tailgate is a pure pleasure for a bivouacing rock crawler like me. If I need to load a 20' 4x6 I'll use my flatbed trailer (thank you very much) so I don't need a pickup bed... I need what you see below. Big, badass and beautiful... this is what I want. Hoping Elon will either manufacture the "Cyberstoga" as an option or else sell a "stripped down" Cybertruck version without the tonneau cover (which will freeze up in wet freezing weather anyway) and remove the bulkhead separating the seats from the bed. Add a ham radio antenna and 10,000 lb. Warn winch and I'll be a happy camper.