fishrock studios proudly announces
All electric mobile living with the 300 cubic foot Tesla Cybertruck CYBERSTOGA Option.

The unexpected and completely revolutionary TESLA CYBERTRUCK presents unlimited options for private and commercial transportation, evacuation, and survival vehicles. In the spirit of the "Conestoga Wagons" that propelled the westward expansion of the 18th and 19th centuries fishrock studios proposes the CYBERSTOGA Option (Modification) shown above.

As we enter a new era of complete electrification of all energy we can rejoyce in the eventual end of massive atmospheric pollution. But we also must face unpresedented upheaval from the disaster of misusing fossil fuels for more than two centuries. Rough times ahead are assured. Temporary evacuations from the flames and smoke of seasonal fires and evacuations from storm and hurricane events and subsequent flooding will make society ever more mobile, requiring us to leave homes and communities at a moments notice and then re-inhabit those same communities when the danger has passed.

To meet these challenges the CYBERSTOGA Modification to the TESLA CYBERTRUCK is proposed. A simple, elegant, roomy, shell that covers the expansive bed and rear seating of the Cybertruck. Made of the same 3X Stainless Steel exoskelton of the Cybertruck, the CYBERSTOGA Option turns a utility vehicle into an evacuation and emergency lifesaver. It's also a great camping and off-road vehicle that can turn adversity into an adventure. Cloked with direct solar-charging panels and insulated from the heat and cold, the CYBERSTOGA option is the perfect solution to a multitude of environmental challenges and outdoor opportunities. It's also sits atop the great all-electric Tesla ride.

Check out the many features and details of the CYBERSTOGA at cyberstoga.com

Click here to watch YouTube video explaining the CYBERSTOGA

fishrock studios proudly announces
A new genre of personal expression... making music with light!
Fine Art, Animation and Performance Software for Mac OS X and Windows XP

May 2014.

Downloadable Kaleidica Video Clips Now Available (Click Here)

THE KALEIDICA Light Instrument (Version 2.0) for Mac OS X and Windows XP Computers

The KALEIDICA Light Instrument v.2 is now available for both Macintosh OS X and Windows XP. We are accepting orders for the new version and invite you to experience the new wave of light performance technologies that make up the KALEIDICA studios. The KALEIDICA includes new animated brushes, dozens of keyboard shortcuts, real-time studio switching for light shows, and recording and instant playback of all animation sessions.

The KALEIDICA is available in Standard Edition ($49.00) and Professional Edition ($259.00) for Windows and Macintosh OSX computers.. CLICK HERE to learn more about the KALEIDICA.

The image above was created using the Mirror Studio (one of six that ship with the Kaleidica). The image brush is from the new Louvre Collection. The brush used to create this image is an unknown archangle from a ceiling fresco in the Daru wing of the Louvre. The image shown above is actually a single from from a full screen animation (recorded performance) made with the Kaleidica.

Strength and Economy Using Multi-Conic Geometry

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